Maybe you’ve heard about me, maybe you haven’t… well I’m here to answer all your questions.

I’m a tea fanatic and I’m hell bent on sharing my love for tea with you.

Based in Australia I oversee the creation of hand blended and hand packaged tea made from ingredients sourced both locally and internationally.

My favourite thing is to deliver exquisite teas to your door as a gift, or better yet on a monthly or quarterly basis. This way I get to open your eyes to the most delicious teas in the world, even if you think you may not like them. I’m kind of persuasive that way.

I’m well known for being pretty flexible which is why I’m happy to let you limit my creativity if you are sure you don’t like a certain type of tea. All I ask is you keep an open mind. Just email me anytime, I’m a guy who can take instructions.

I love to be shared around so if you want to send me to hang out with your friends or loved ones I’m cool with that. I’ve also been known to impress the clients of companies all over Australia… what can I say I’m versatile!

I’m also a big boy, if you don’t like me, I want you to let me know. I have a 30 day guarantee on all the teas and if you want to cancel our relationship, you can do so anytime, I promise I’ll get over it.

So are you ready to get to know me more?



Before Tea Garden came along Lauren knew nothing about tea, and even now get’s in trouble for re-brewing… not because she doesn’t love the tea, but because it’s just easier to re-fill the pot!

Lauren is the girl behind the voice and tech of Tea Garden and when she doesn’t have her head in her laptop she’ll be out gallivanting the world or shredding the mountains on her mountain bike or snowboard.

If you asked Mikhaila about Lauren she’d probably tell you she eats a lot of chicken and often says very stoopid things!


If you want to talk about beautiful or delicious things then Mikhaila is your girl. A dedicated tea lover and home decorator Mikhaila is the soul of Tea Garden.

The crafter of all the tea flavours and the wizard behind the ‘look’ MP is one of the nicest women you’ll meet, dedicated to her husband and fur child, Boston… the most spoilt dog on earth!

If you asked Lauren about MP she’d probably tell you she’s happiest when eating cake and if it was up to her everything would be perfect, beautiful and did I mention perfect?

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