Probably the fanciest tea leaf name I know of… Large Leaf Delicate Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe. It’s as pretty as it sounds, the perfect tea base for all the summer stone fruits we love.  Let’s line up the stones shall we? Perfect peach, appropriate apricot and of course the nice nectarine. You’ll sure to love this one, hot or cold!

Here’s a fun fact about Orange Pekoe. Some people think it has to do with the flavour of the tea, but in all honesty there’s nothing remotely orange flavoured about it. Rather the Dutch Trading Company brought the tea to Europe and marketed it as Orange Pekoe as Orange was their national colour.

Cheers to you dutchies!


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Black Tea, Calendula Flower, Safflower, Elderflower,Freeze Dried Peach, Natural and Organic Flavours 


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