Introducing Our New Monthly Blends For Your Drinking Pleasure

French and Fabulous

A sweet take on the traditional Earl Grey. Bold black tea with sweet fruity notes of mango and apricot. It’s particularly beautiful with a lovely floral note of rose.

Fun fact:  Tea contains very high levels of catechin, an antioxidant that fights oral infections. Fluoride is also a natural component of Earl Grey tea, and can be found in tap water.

Fluoride is good for your teeth because it protects them from cavities, as well as fighting decay. So if you’re not a fan of city water, Earl Grey can be another natural way to get your daily dose of fluoride.

Tall and Punchy

Tall cut lemongrass and a bold punch of ginger to bring it home. This one will leave you zinging and wondering what makes it special. I’ll let you in on the secret, it’s passionflower and a touch of oat straw that sets it apart from the rest!

Perfect for blending cocktails and or iced tea it’s refreshing and delightful. Of course, this doesn’t mean we should sneeze at it warm either, essentially it’s an all round delight.

It’s not only delicious but healthy too! Lemongrass is known for giving you energy, clearing up your skin and even reducing fever and pain, while ginger is excellent for the gut and also fighting bugs.

But we just drink it because it’s delicious!

Sweet Poppy

Caramel popcorn people! CARAMEL POPCORN.

This delicious rice green tea has a beautiful and bold history. Known as Genmaicha it is a Japanese brown rice green tea consisting of green tea combined with roasted popped brown rice.

During long battles the Japanese army would drink this rice tea to feel more satisfied as it had a hearty flavour. 

We’ve added the cutest pieces of popcorn and sweet caramel to make this both a fulfilling and delicious brew.

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