Introducing Our New Monthly Blends For Your Drinking Pleasure

Choc O’Clock

A herbal delight to warm you up as the Autumn weather sets in. Choc O’clock is one of our very best sellers and can be brewed in so many ways.

A Red South African Rooibos with all your chai spices it’s delightful brewed and consumed as is or your can add soy, almond or any other milk to create a frothy fabulous velvety chocolate chai!

Go on… it’s Easter month <3

Hot Cross Bunnies

Let’s be honest, you’d drink this tea just because the bunny in the pictures is ADORABLE. Thankfully it’s delicious too!

The green tea base is a Genmaicha or GMC. For all of us who aren’t tea wizards like Mikhaila, this is a Japanese brown rice green tea made from green tea combined with roasted popped brown rice. 

Sounds fancy, and it is!

To make it taste just like a hot cross bun we’ve added nutmeg, Australian wattleseed (which makes it super smooth), cinnamon and a little sweet vanilla.

It’s sugar free, but you wouldn’t believe it!

Hip Hip Hooray

It’s our party and we’ll drink tea if we want to!

Tea Garden Co. is turning 2 this month, so what do we do to celebrate? We make a birthday beverage of course. 

Made with a full bodies Assam base, think vanilla spiced cake, but warm and calorie free… pretty much anyway. Let’s hear it, Hip Hip Hooray!

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