Introducing Our New Monthly Blends For Your Drinking Pleasure

Brownie Points

It’s big, it’s bold and it’s what every girl wants… A chocolate brownie that doesn’t show on the hips! 

Yup, you’ll definitely be in for brownie points with this one 😉

A bold Indian Assam with cocoa nib chocolate goodness, rich caramel and wattleseed to bring the always loved cake flavour to the cup. Perfect with a dash of milk.

Say it with me… calorie free chocolate!!!

Cheaper Than Roses

It might be cheaper than roses but this one is pure luxury. Blended on a base of the fanciest of teas, Taiwanese Milky Oolong, it’s naturally delicate and creamy.

When you brew your tea you can watch the beautiful leaf unfurl and release it’s gentle flavour.

We’ve added some rose and an ever so subtle hint of vanilla for all the decadence we could create!

Early Night and Netflix

Nothing like snuggling up with someone you love on the couch… and yes fluffy friends totally count!

Early Nights and Netflix is a caffeine free blend which is both delish and hydrating, leaving you glowing and glorious.

Blended Red and Green Rooibos with the blushing beauty of the bergamot fruit, reflecting just how beautiful you are tonight!

Oh, stop it, Valentines Day has turned me all soppy…

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