Introducing Our New Monthly Blends For Your Drinking Pleasure

Sir Earl

There are a few simple pleasures in this life, and a good old fashioned cup of tea has to be one of them!

Sir Earl is modern take on an old classic. This bold black tea is blended with the delightful of bergamot. Enjoy with milk, honey or plain and simple.

We’ve added a touch of class, a touch of beauty and a touch of fancy with blue cornflowers.

Holy Smokes

It’s green, it’s smokey and it’s delux.

The green tea base in this particular beverage is known as the “Temple of Heaven” due to it’s strong taste. Only the best for you!

We’ve made it just a little bit fancy with a gentle smoke, think gunpowder, without the obvious dangers!

Pyjama Party

We’re not going to lie, hanging out in our PJ’s and drinking tea is legitimately a great night for us!

This is why we LOVE pj party. It’s perfect for the evenings, or anytime really, with spearmint AND peppermint, meaning it’s soft, well rounded and caffeine free.

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